Investigate the metabolites found in Drosophila .

Metabolite Explorer

The average peak intensity levels for metabolites in different tissues for Female (F), Male (M) and Larvae (L) Drosophila.

The metabolites in this list have a high confidence score having been identified by a standard compound libary or by fragmentation analysis. Expansion of these trems can be found in the Glossary

Metabolite Accessory Gland (M) Brain (F) Brain (L) Brain (M) Carcass (F) Carcass (L) Carcass (M) Crop (F) Crop (M) Eye (F) Eye (M) Fat Body (F) Fat Body (L) Fat Body (M) Head (F) Head (M) Heart (F) Heart (M) Hemolymph (F) Hemolymph (L) Hemolymph (M) Hindgut (F) Hindgut (L) Hindgut (M) MSpermatheca (F) Midgut (F) Midgut (L) Midgut (M) Muscle (F) Muscle (M) Ovaries (F) Rectal Pad (F) Rectal Pad (M) Salivary Gland (F) Salivary Gland (L) Salivary Gland (M) Testes (M) Trachea (L) Tubules (F) Tubules (L) Tubules (M) VNC (F) VNC (M) VSpermatheca (F) Whole (F) Whole (L) Whole (M)
L-proline 5.49e+07 5.44e+07 5.37e+08 9.35e+07 1.03e+08 7.56e+08 2.68e+08 8.60e+07 5.32e+07 9.06e+07 1.50e+08 1.52e+07 3.88e+08 1.47e+07 8.59e+08 9.21e+08 2.88e+07 1.15e+08 2.80e+09 3.65e+09 1.32e+09 2.15e+07 5.97e+08 2.49e+07 3.61e+07 3.36e+08 6.58e+08 2.19e+08 4.69e+07 1.74e+08 2.85e+08 8.08e+07 3.57e+07 1.88e+08 3.16e+08 1.24e+08 3.16e+08 3.03e+08 7.01e+06 6.54e+08 7.29e+06 2.35e+07 3.35e+07 8.07e+07 1.07e+09 1.62e+09 9.46e+08
phosphocholine 2.41e+06 6.95e+06 1.17e+07 1.27e+07 5.86e+06 2.90e+06 3.05e+07 1.44e+07 4.90e+06 2.54e+07 6.43e+07 1.62e+06 1.37e+07 1.18e+06 4.52e+07 6.22e+07 9.79e+06 2.39e+07 2.14e+09 9.27e+08 1.01e+09 2.03e+06 9.07e+07 3.24e+06 5.09e+06 2.70e+06 1.48e+07 2.18e+06 4.90e+05 2.84e+06 3.11e+06 4.90e+06 5.66e+06 1.58e+07 1.89e+07 1.15e+07 3.56e+05 6.97e+06 4.06e+05 4.72e+07 5.91e+05 2.60e+06 3.02e+06 2.29e+07 3.29e+08 1.03e+08 2.61e+08
N-acetyl-L-glutamic acid 1.16e+04 1.71e+06 1.70e+06 1.95e+06 2.88e+05 1.34e+05 1.15e+06 9.17e+05 3.84e+05 1.38e+05 2.87e+05 6.11e+04 7.74e+04 5.73e+04 2.32e+06 1.85e+06 4.33e+04 5.46e+04 6.17e+06 7.79e+05 2.51e+06 3.30e+04 2.96e+05 5.69e+04 3.35e+04 2.63e+05 1.07e+05 1.79e+05 9.98e+04 3.64e+05 3.66e+04 1.95e+05 1.27e+05 1.80e+05 6.17e+04 1.23e+05 3.87e+04 7.60e+04 8.00e+04 8.11e+04 7.39e+04 2.00e+05 1.81e+05 3.96e+04 1.82e+06 3.13e+05 2.04e+06
N-acetylhistamine 1.41e+09 8.07e+05 1.08e+06 2.43e+06 1.48e+06 5.67e+05 2.38e+07 1.18e+07 9.71e+06 1.25e+06 5.15e+06 3.81e+05 1.06e+06 5.80e+06 5.90e+06 6.62e+06 6.17e+05 2.22e+07 9.23e+07 1.99e+07 5.84e+08 3.22e+06 9.98e+07 6.76e+06 1.96e+06 2.91e+08 6.61e+07 1.90e+08 2.17e+05 1.39e+06 3.91e+05 3.00e+07 1.75e+07 1.96e+06 2.45e+05 7.57e+06 1.37e+07 4.25e+05 8.41e+05 2.14e+06 1.88e+06 4.49e+05 1.50e+06 2.41e+06 5.67e+07 2.26e+07 5.03e+08
2'-deoxyadenosine 1.32e+04 8.91e+04 4.71e+04 8.58e+04 1.39e+04 7.14e+04 2.95e+04 4.42e+04 2.13e+04 8.75e+06 1.19e+07 1.61e+04 1.12e+04 1.06e+04 2.45e+06 2.40e+06 6.81e+03 1.41e+04 3.22e+04 2.35e+04 2.44e+04 5.83e+03 1.56e+05 4.31e+03 1.23e+04 4.11e+04 2.69e+04 2.25e+04 - - 2.87e+04 1.38e+04 7.30e+03 1.30e+04 1.69e+04 1.29e+04 3.37e+04 2.40e+04 2.95e+04 2.70e+04 7.24e+04 1.69e+04 1.35e+04 1.46e+04 4.20e+05 2.14e+04 4.07e+05
glycine betaine 3.75e+06 8.92e+06 7.44e+06 1.75e+07 1.34e+07 3.25e+07 2.32e+07 5.14e+08 2.54e+08 4.92e+07 3.32e+07 4.12e+06 1.54e+07 2.96e+06 1.51e+08 8.67e+07 4.02e+06 1.34e+07 1.51e+09 6.40e+08 8.17e+08 9.67e+06 4.33e+08 2.38e+07 1.13e+07 1.02e+08 4.53e+07 4.05e+08 1.27e+07 1.99e+07 3.45e+07 9.32e+07 7.11e+07 2.28e+07 1.34e+07 1.68e+07 2.20e+07 8.63e+06 1.48e+07 4.58e+07 5.61e+06 3.91e+06 4.67e+06 1.83e+07 2.82e+08 8.29e+07 2.22e+08
L-glutamine 4.22e+06 5.37e+07 7.59e+07 6.90e+07 3.96e+07 1.53e+08 8.56e+07 1.95e+07 1.78e+07 2.04e+07 3.37e+07 3.23e+06 8.15e+07 3.38e+06 1.89e+08 1.10e+08 2.04e+07 1.59e+07 9.81e+08 1.28e+09 3.57e+08 1.00e+07 1.87e+08 9.34e+06 6.58e+06 7.64e+07 1.06e+08 3.04e+07 3.26e+07 5.95e+07 4.87e+07 3.93e+07 3.24e+07 4.43e+07 3.91e+07 1.21e+07 3.83e+07 6.24e+07 1.63e+06 8.90e+07 1.53e+06 6.89e+06 5.83e+06 1.47e+07 3.23e+08 3.86e+08 2.14e+08
histidine 8.94e+06 1.01e+07 5.35e+07 5.43e+07 9.65e+06 6.95e+07 7.03e+07 8.06e+05 3.41e+06 3.71e+06 1.39e+07 4.58e+05 8.48e+06 1.06e+06 3.59e+07 3.01e+07 2.71e+06 1.50e+07 4.27e+08 6.00e+08 2.38e+08 2.96e+06 7.05e+07 5.29e+06 1.85e+06 2.28e+06 8.80e+07 3.63e+06 7.76e+06 2.60e+07 4.52e+06 1.79e+07 1.62e+07 1.38e+06 2.30e+07 1.22e+07 1.09e+07 1.71e+07 1.75e+07 4.80e+07 1.51e+07 1.33e+06 7.35e+06 4.96e+06 9.38e+07 1.72e+08 1.46e+08
(R)-carnitine 2.77e+07 2.20e+07 1.81e+07 2.87e+07 1.57e+07 8.41e+07 4.17e+07 5.99e+06 6.48e+06 1.28e+07 2.20e+07 3.34e+06 1.73e+07 2.96e+06 1.25e+08 1.04e+08 4.37e+06 2.67e+07 6.26e+08 8.49e+07 3.47e+08 4.54e+06 1.03e+08 4.16e+06 6.07e+06 1.41e+08 6.20e+07 6.36e+07 1.09e+07 3.66e+07 4.50e+07 2.13e+07 1.09e+07 3.10e+07 4.89e+07 2.77e+07 7.27e+08 2.66e+07 6.75e+06 1.93e+07 5.73e+06 5.13e+06 7.51e+06 1.96e+07 2.31e+08 9.25e+07 2.69e+08
3-hydroxykynurenine - 1.56e+06 8.86e+04 1.19e+06 1.17e+04 1.15e+05 2.11e+05 1.63e+05 4.57e+04 2.27e+07 4.98e+07 1.59e+04 5.04e+05 1.14e+04 2.10e+07 1.75e+07 3.73e+04 6.34e+04 2.24e+05 1.35e+07 2.02e+05 2.96e+04 1.13e+07 2.21e+04 1.92e+04 1.95e+04 5.02e+04 1.48e+04 4.84e+03 1.95e+04 2.64e+05 1.86e+04 1.26e+04 1.98e+04 3.06e+04 2.62e+04 6.68e+04 4.09e+05 9.43e+07 7.68e+08 9.30e+07 - 1.72e+04 2.28e+04 1.37e+07 3.03e+07 1.30e+07
guanosine 1.75e+05 4.51e+05 8.99e+04 4.51e+05 3.66e+04 2.01e+05 2.19e+05 9.00e+04 3.23e+04 1.27e+07 1.92e+07 - 3.03e+05 - 7.93e+06 6.12e+06 3.81e+04 5.62e+04 3.41e+05 6.57e+05 4.68e+05 6.77e+04 5.54e+05 5.03e+04 - 1.50e+05 7.71e+05 6.38e+04 2.00e+04 2.26e+04 6.85e+04 1.82e+05 5.63e+04 7.12e+04 2.22e+05 - 4.79e+06 2.07e+05 5.02e+06 6.68e+06 7.86e+05 1.62e+04 2.44e+04 3.05e+04 2.07e+06 8.38e+05 1.74e+06
xanthurenic acid - 6.57e+06 3.57e+04 5.16e+06 4.05e+04 7.60e+04 3.74e+06 3.78e+05 1.34e+05 5.81e+08 7.68e+08 1.51e+04 1.58e+05 2.68e+04 3.16e+08 2.19e+08 2.92e+04 2.59e+04 1.01e+06 9.66e+05 8.18e+05 9.19e+03 3.69e+06 6.69e+04 1.75e+04 4.41e+04 3.75e+04 9.44e+04 1.86e+04 5.50e+04 1.74e+04 7.47e+04 3.17e+05 2.98e+04 8.60e+04 1.65e+04 5.04e+04 1.27e+05 9.78e+07 1.39e+08 1.04e+08 - 2.30e+04 3.92e+04 9.49e+07 6.40e+06 8.48e+07
3',5'-cyclic AMP - 4.90e+04 1.57e+04 6.03e+04 - 7.86e+04 - 4.37e+05 8.58e+04 7.11e+04 9.04e+04 - - - 1.12e+05 9.72e+04 5.19e+03 - 1.86e+05 - 2.28e+05 4.37e+03 7.72e+04 2.15e+03 5.43e+03 5.40e+04 - 1.55e+04 - 1.18e+04 - 2.04e+04 9.35e+03 1.06e+04 - - 1.88e+04 - - 2.07e+04 - - - 1.41e+04 3.73e+04 4.14e+04 3.49e+04
O-acetylcarnitinium 1.24e+07 1.81e+06 1.18e+07 2.13e+06 1.23e+07 2.33e+07 4.91e+07 2.98e+06 2.20e+06 3.03e+06 4.42e+06 1.52e+06 1.06e+07 6.23e+05 5.50e+07 3.31e+07 2.08e+06 1.02e+07 2.35e+08 4.35e+07 9.94e+07 1.47e+06 1.66e+07 1.33e+06 4.83e+06 4.25e+07 3.88e+06 2.74e+07 2.34e+06 8.43e+06 1.91e+07 6.27e+06 1.99e+06 1.03e+07 1.97e+07 7.56e+06 2.06e+08 1.35e+07 1.10e+06 6.51e+06 8.00e+05 1.39e+06 1.54e+06 4.48e+06 9.82e+07 3.69e+07 1.33e+08
choline alfoscerate 6.80e+06 8.17e+06 4.87e+06 1.04e+07 4.64e+05 1.35e+07 2.50e+06 5.22e+07 2.29e+07 2.69e+06 7.28e+06 1.67e+05 1.16e+06 5.97e+05 2.82e+06 3.73e+06 1.92e+06 4.95e+06 1.78e+07 2.41e+06 9.81e+06 4.68e+06 3.32e+07 6.65e+06 1.80e+06 1.62e+06 3.17e+06 8.81e+05 2.17e+06 4.10e+06 6.07e+06 4.05e+06 4.56e+06 6.40e+06 4.83e+05 3.66e+06 2.11e+06 7.72e+06 7.44e+05 3.19e+06 3.73e+05 5.45e+05 4.56e+05 4.30e+06 2.68e+07 6.01e+06 3.37e+07
L-leucine 1.87e+06 2.78e+06 8.68e+06 2.93e+06 2.14e+06 1.40e+07 4.11e+06 5.79e+06 1.41e+06 1.73e+06 1.98e+06 5.07e+05 8.13e+06 3.58e+05 1.02e+07 5.38e+06 1.31e+06 4.65e+06 6.22e+07 1.61e+08 1.85e+07 3.77e+05 2.11e+07 3.25e+05 6.05e+05 6.67e+06 6.46e+07 2.27e+06 6.10e+05 6.18e+05 1.80e+06 2.12e+06 9.55e+05 1.53e+06 4.90e+06 7.93e+05 2.34e+06 7.31e+06 6.88e+05 1.12e+07 6.10e+05 4.19e+05 4.82e+05 1.20e+06 2.49e+07 6.67e+07 1.03e+07
L-arginine 1.42e+07 6.80e+07 5.04e+07 8.15e+07 1.27e+07 1.45e+08 4.42e+07 8.56e+06 4.52e+06 6.90e+07 7.90e+07 9.95e+05 1.77e+07 8.96e+05 6.28e+07 4.03e+07 2.52e+06 1.28e+07 1.29e+08 1.29e+08 8.03e+07 8.10e+06 1.10e+08 8.29e+06 3.08e+06 8.32e+06 5.74e+07 4.13e+06 2.75e+06 7.48e+06 2.63e+06 1.77e+07 1.06e+07 1.64e+07 1.12e+07 1.04e+07 5.53e+06 1.69e+07 4.80e+06 3.76e+07 1.24e+07 1.21e+07 9.72e+06 8.05e+06 8.75e+07 1.47e+08 7.73e+07
hypoxanthine 5.19e+06 5.05e+06 2.05e+06 4.52e+06 4.09e+05 1.00e+07 8.46e+05 2.44e+07 3.65e+06 5.57e+07 3.22e+07 8.01e+04 2.65e+06 5.14e+04 2.48e+07 8.72e+06 5.48e+05 2.16e+06 2.43e+07 7.01e+06 1.06e+07 1.16e+06 3.51e+07 1.30e+06 7.66e+05 9.68e+06 2.73e+07 1.56e+06 8.65e+05 9.49e+05 4.22e+05 4.71e+06 2.13e+06 1.05e+06 3.68e+06 4.50e+05 3.55e+06 6.17e+06 9.22e+06 5.02e+07 3.60e+06 3.77e+05 5.50e+05 7.11e+05 2.47e+07 1.96e+07 3.00e+07
inosine 2.13e+06 2.01e+06 8.68e+05 1.99e+06 3.02e+05 3.99e+06 9.96e+05 1.94e+05 6.05e+04 5.04e+06 1.49e+07 4.41e+04 6.22e+05 4.46e+04 5.84e+06 6.98e+06 2.29e+05 7.52e+05 6.43e+06 5.72e+06 2.44e+06 7.53e+05 1.18e+07 8.54e+05 6.22e+04 6.91e+05 1.23e+07 6.55e+05 2.55e+05 2.72e+05 1.23e+05 2.39e+06 8.56e+05 3.34e+05 1.57e+06 7.82e+04 2.59e+06 2.57e+06 5.53e+06 2.34e+07 4.64e+06 1.61e+05 7.76e+04 1.23e+05 1.39e+07 9.36e+06 1.00e+07
L-lysine 1.57e+05 1.59e+05 5.10e+05 1.64e+05 2.74e+05 6.05e+05 4.97e+05 2.08e+06 4.55e+05 5.40e+05 3.58e+05 7.72e+04 1.48e+06 6.30e+04 8.79e+05 2.47e+05 2.66e+05 6.68e+05 3.38e+07 1.23e+08 6.72e+06 1.59e+06 5.08e+06 1.85e+06 1.35e+05 3.33e+05 8.13e+06 1.03e+05 3.90e+04 5.55e+04 1.31e+05 1.79e+06 6.39e+05 3.93e+05 4.94e+05 1.42e+05 4.73e+04 4.73e+05 5.16e+04 1.16e+06 5.26e+04 8.28e+04 5.41e+04 4.85e+05 5.13e+06 1.28e+07 1.98e+06
gamma-aminobutyric acid 8.96e+05 1.07e+08 3.32e+07 1.43e+08 3.20e+06 3.17e+06 1.18e+07 5.42e+07 1.78e+07 3.18e+06 3.82e+06 1.02e+06 3.33e+06 9.38e+05 7.51e+07 7.59e+07 7.96e+05 1.25e+06 1.27e+08 6.49e+07 6.87e+07 8.42e+05 2.80e+07 9.12e+05 1.24e+06 4.67e+07 7.93e+06 1.60e+07 2.58e+06 6.14e+06 1.98e+06 6.68e+06 2.97e+06 6.90e+06 1.68e+06 4.76e+06 2.07e+06 1.99e+06 1.17e+06 2.57e+06 1.09e+06 8.63e+06 8.15e+06 1.42e+06 5.91e+07 1.68e+07 4.66e+07
proline 1.06e+05 2.01e+05 8.97e+05 3.14e+05 7.48e+05 9.83e+05 9.57e+05 1.99e+05 1.42e+05 3.81e+05 3.37e+05 4.97e+05 9.63e+05 5.56e+05 1.08e+06 1.09e+06 9.41e+04 1.57e+05 2.25e+07 7.45e+07 1.05e+07 7.52e+04 8.97e+05 8.49e+04 8.46e+04 4.15e+05 7.42e+05 3.61e+05 1.96e+05 2.95e+05 4.70e+05 1.85e+06 1.16e+06 2.10e+05 4.02e+05 1.52e+05 4.41e+05 4.37e+05 4.91e+05 1.45e+06 4.73e+05 6.64e+04 7.15e+04 1.38e+05 1.98e+06 5.01e+06 1.66e+07
L-gulono-1,4-lactone - - - 1.88e+04 1.37e+04 2.82e+04 2.07e+04 9.30e+06 3.85e+06 1.54e+05 1.26e+05 1.30e+04 1.15e+04 1.14e+04 1.52e+05 1.01e+05 6.89e+04 9.47e+03 3.35e+05 - 2.25e+05 1.14e+04 - 8.32e+03 6.90e+03 - - - 1.27e+04 1.00e+04 - 4.10e+04 1.48e+04 1.85e+04 - 8.16e+03 - - 2.96e+04 - 2.92e+04 6.55e+03 5.25e+03 5.11e+04 2.60e+05 3.86e+04 2.46e+05
glutathione - 1.42e+06 1.08e+06 1.99e+06 2.12e+05 4.91e+05 9.01e+05 1.39e+06 6.45e+05 2.03e+04 2.94e+04 1.32e+04 1.98e+05 5.99e+04 9.62e+04 1.67e+05 2.94e+05 1.12e+06 2.90e+05 4.28e+06 1.61e+05 2.33e+05 1.06e+06 3.83e+05 7.08e+04 1.34e+06 1.38e+06 9.56e+05 4.92e+04 3.62e+05 6.10e+05 1.72e+05 2.05e+05 2.16e+05 5.17e+05 1.94e+05 8.13e+05 8.15e+04 - 1.20e+05 - 1.46e+05 1.73e+05 2.81e+05 1.54e+06 2.48e+06 1.52e+06
D-gluconic acid - - - - - - - 3.17e+06 1.34e+06 - - - - - - - 2.27e+04 - - - - - - - - - - - 3.52e+03 - - 9.36e+03 - - - - - - - - - - - - 1.43e+05 - 1.38e+05
N(2)-acetyl-L-ornithine 1.45e+04 5.54e+04 5.66e+04 5.17e+04 3.69e+04 1.57e+05 4.84e+04 1.82e+05 8.86e+04 8.98e+04 5.17e+04 2.50e+04 6.66e+04 2.43e+04 6.80e+04 6.03e+04 3.33e+04 2.48e+04 2.58e+05 6.71e+05 1.59e+05 2.84e+04 1.29e+05 3.28e+04 1.59e+04 1.61e+05 1.28e+05 1.29e+05 3.72e+04 3.86e+04 2.15e+04 1.78e+05 1.93e+05 1.47e+04 6.11e+04 8.87e+03 2.37e+04 5.58e+04 2.78e+04 1.01e+05 2.56e+04 1.09e+04 1.01e+04 1.43e+04 1.07e+05 1.61e+05 3.76e+05
L-gamma-glutamyl-L-cysteine 8.08e+03 6.33e+04 7.62e+04 1.23e+05 3.09e+04 5.76e+04 6.33e+04 8.54e+04 3.22e+04 - - - 2.06e+04 - - - 7.83e+04 1.67e+05 - 5.45e+05 - 2.12e+04 2.17e+05 2.04e+04 9.87e+03 1.59e+05 1.39e+06 7.19e+04 1.53e+04 2.03e+04 4.47e+04 3.50e+04 2.77e+04 1.79e+04 3.05e+04 1.25e+04 9.50e+04 3.98e+04 - 7.54e+04 - 1.46e+04 9.01e+03 2.16e+04 2.55e+05 8.17e+05 1.30e+05
methyl L-tyrosinate 4.37e+04 9.96e+06 3.30e+06 1.17e+07 1.10e+07 4.14e+07 4.81e+07 1.35e+06 3.25e+05 5.71e+06 8.89e+06 2.05e+05 9.05e+05 1.30e+05 1.31e+07 1.16e+07 1.99e+05 5.79e+05 1.07e+07 1.22e+07 4.91e+06 6.73e+04 1.47e+06 1.48e+05 5.84e+05 8.58e+05 1.03e+06 8.13e+05 4.94e+05 2.94e+06 2.46e+05 5.22e+05 4.57e+05 2.52e+06 4.78e+05 3.05e+06 2.73e+05 1.14e+06 1.79e+05 2.95e+06 1.80e+05 1.33e+06 1.31e+06 8.88e+05 5.17e+07 2.64e+07 5.09e+07
adenine 1.75e+06 7.69e+05 5.12e+06 1.64e+06 7.95e+05 1.12e+08 1.17e+06 1.04e+07 1.48e+06 1.90e+06 1.45e+06 1.10e+05 6.80e+05 1.49e+05 1.16e+07 1.33e+07 6.34e+05 5.63e+04 1.06e+07 3.68e+05 1.37e+06 1.43e+06 4.92e+07 5.87e+05 6.69e+04 1.84e+07 4.57e+06 8.00e+06 1.01e+07 5.74e+06 2.64e+06 3.61e+06 1.48e+06 1.04e+05 1.12e+06 5.11e+04 8.59e+06 3.37e+05 1.04e+06 2.06e+06 3.65e+06 9.95e+04 3.94e+05 5.25e+04 5.62e+06 6.37e+06 5.58e+06
(R)-pantothenic acid 5.56e+05 3.50e+06 6.20e+06 7.99e+06 3.58e+05 2.94e+06 2.11e+06 1.92e+06 9.87e+05 2.61e+06 6.85e+06 1.26e+05 1.57e+06 1.18e+05 7.04e+06 1.58e+07 1.73e+05 1.52e+06 3.25e+07 5.59e+07 3.37e+07 2.41e+05 1.76e+07 5.05e+05 1.72e+05 9.49e+05 9.05e+05 8.19e+05 2.97e+05 8.81e+05 5.84e+06 8.71e+05 1.12e+06 2.03e+05 1.12e+06 5.15e+05 3.65e+06 1.18e+06 1.50e+05 4.68e+06 6.92e+05 2.07e+05 3.64e+05 5.53e+05 1.16e+07 1.28e+07 8.09e+06
triethanolamine 1.84e+05 6.43e+05 3.17e+05 3.87e+05 3.65e+05 3.29e+05 4.70e+05 6.05e+04 7.24e+04 7.25e+05 4.11e+05 3.08e+05 4.87e+05 3.25e+05 3.52e+05 7.12e+05 1.49e+05 3.60e+05 6.96e+05 8.40e+05 6.76e+05 5.24e+04 1.03e+06 5.16e+04 1.04e+06 4.50e+05 2.32e+05 5.17e+05 2.06e+06 1.52e+06 4.20e+05 6.64e+04 6.66e+04 2.67e+05 4.05e+05 3.86e+05 5.92e+05 4.60e+05 3.47e+05 4.33e+05 4.23e+05 3.07e+05 5.11e+05 1.86e+06 3.68e+05 3.72e+05 3.54e+05
kynurenic acid 4.63e+04 1.96e+06 3.47e+05 1.43e+06 5.34e+05 1.43e+06 1.97e+06 1.87e+07 8.43e+06 1.24e+08 1.17e+08 1.58e+05 8.68e+06 9.35e+04 7.57e+07 3.40e+07 2.31e+05 3.39e+05 1.99e+07 2.25e+07 7.29e+06 6.12e+05 7.30e+06 7.75e+05 7.92e+05 1.56e+06 3.89e+05 2.88e+06 5.50e+05 8.03e+05 8.76e+05 5.12e+06 2.32e+06 7.78e+05 3.40e+06 5.70e+05 2.41e+05 1.64e+06 6.80e+07 7.47e+07 2.43e+06 2.09e+05 2.07e+05 2.73e+05 1.87e+07 1.54e+07 7.91e+06
L-citrulline 4.23e+04 1.55e+06 4.43e+05 2.42e+06 9.98e+04 1.13e+06 1.85e+05 5.10e+06 2.48e+06 6.32e+05 1.42e+06 2.60e+04 3.03e+05 2.21e+04 2.26e+06 1.35e+06 2.88e+05 6.39e+05 5.75e+06 8.71e+06 2.42e+06 8.26e+04 1.47e+06 1.41e+05 5.51e+04 4.38e+05 4.02e+05 3.25e+05 1.51e+05 1.89e+05 9.32e+04 3.16e+05 3.03e+05 9.43e+04 9.68e+04 9.89e+04 3.08e+05 2.37e+05 4.98e+04 6.45e+05 4.88e+04 6.05e+04 7.28e+04 2.13e+05 1.31e+06 1.07e+06 1.48e+06
2-amino-2-deoxy-D-glucopyranose 3.81e+05 1.51e+04 1.52e+04 2.41e+04 2.15e+04 7.48e+04 4.12e+04 1.02e+06 3.84e+05 2.47e+04 6.90e+04 9.18e+04 8.14e+04 1.68e+04 1.30e+05 9.97e+04 1.94e+04 2.75e+05 1.20e+06 1.27e+06 5.09e+05 1.20e+04 7.01e+04 9.90e+03 2.64e+04 4.31e+04 3.31e+04 3.10e+04 9.90e+03 1.39e+04 1.82e+04 4.82e+04 3.79e+04 4.04e+04 4.15e+04 1.22e+04 1.61e+04 5.59e+04 2.54e+04 8.43e+04 2.00e+04 7.41e+03 6.64e+03 3.74e+04 1.58e+05 4.21e+05 1.85e+05
15(R)-hydroperoxy-EPE - - - 1.82e+05 - - - - 1.15e+04 - - - - - - 4.69e+04 1.82e+04 - - - - 6.46e+03 - 6.53e+03 - 2.17e+04 - 3.60e+04 1.23e+04 - 2.43e+04 6.44e+03 1.30e+04 - - - 5.91e+04 - - - - - - - 2.85e+04 - 3.70e+04
choline 5.92e+05 6.84e+07 1.19e+07 8.85e+07 1.25e+06 5.00e+06 2.41e+06 4.73e+06 2.21e+06 1.89e+06 2.93e+06 1.45e+05 1.58e+06 1.86e+05 4.65e+07 4.32e+07 4.38e+05 3.89e+06 3.42e+07 2.89e+07 2.08e+07 1.11e+06 8.23e+07 1.87e+06 4.73e+05 4.64e+07 5.49e+07 3.15e+07 6.31e+05 9.18e+05 2.48e+06 3.21e+06 4.30e+06 1.29e+06 4.00e+06 8.21e+05 1.84e+06 3.29e+06 1.84e+06 5.00e+07 1.78e+06 2.96e+06 2.72e+06 6.91e+05 2.83e+07 3.98e+07 2.05e+07
N(pros)-methyl-L-histidine 2.20e+06 1.73e+06 1.39e+06 5.33e+06 1.44e+06 2.25e+06 7.72e+06 7.41e+05 1.83e+06 1.82e+06 4.54e+06 2.91e+05 1.03e+06 3.55e+05 1.07e+07 8.38e+06 7.48e+05 5.37e+06 1.26e+08 2.69e+07 6.49e+07 1.08e+06 3.54e+06 1.46e+06 7.49e+05 1.19e+06 7.24e+05 6.67e+05 8.82e+05 4.21e+06 1.61e+06 2.78e+06 2.14e+06 1.99e+06 9.28e+05 3.91e+06 2.28e+06 9.98e+05 1.71e+07 3.08e+06 1.08e+07 4.83e+05 1.14e+06 2.85e+06 2.84e+07 8.38e+06 3.91e+07
L-kynurenine 2.29e+04 3.06e+04 1.72e+04 2.73e+04 8.52e+04 9.47e+04 1.09e+05 5.59e+05 1.82e+05 1.98e+05 1.73e+05 5.31e+04 1.73e+06 2.51e+04 7.16e+05 2.57e+05 2.15e+05 9.63e+04 9.49e+06 2.70e+06 1.30e+06 1.14e+05 4.60e+05 1.12e+05 6.62e+04 9.00e+04 2.97e+04 4.32e+04 2.19e+04 3.42e+04 1.57e+07 1.09e+06 7.20e+05 6.41e+04 7.87e+04 4.24e+04 7.62e+04 8.05e+04 1.12e+08 3.26e+07 6.40e+07 1.86e+04 1.34e+04 7.99e+04 2.41e+07 1.08e+06 5.18e+06
5-oxo-L-proline 3.49e+05 1.21e+06 2.90e+06 1.90e+06 5.21e+05 3.31e+06 1.27e+06 6.11e+05 5.39e+05 2.15e+05 5.09e+05 7.79e+04 8.91e+05 7.32e+04 2.27e+06 1.47e+06 4.78e+05 4.40e+05 4.98e+07 4.46e+07 2.81e+06 2.88e+05 6.08e+06 2.40e+05 1.08e+05 1.39e+06 6.44e+06 4.67e+05 2.93e+06 1.20e+06 7.35e+05 2.86e+06 4.75e+05 3.88e+05 1.07e+06 2.00e+05 7.96e+05 1.21e+06 2.87e+05 2.89e+06 1.93e+05 1.24e+05 1.17e+05 5.70e+05 5.97e+06 5.01e+06 4.26e+06
4-(trimethylammonio)butanoate 1.20e+04 3.01e+06 9.86e+05 4.35e+06 1.20e+05 8.02e+04 2.28e+05 4.00e+07 1.40e+07 1.01e+04 1.54e+04 3.33e+04 3.82e+04 2.69e+04 2.82e+06 2.95e+06 7.29e+04 1.52e+05 2.06e+07 3.69e+05 8.10e+06 1.12e+04 1.10e+05 1.96e+04 4.58e+05 3.61e+06 1.07e+05 6.74e+05 2.63e+05 1.66e+05 3.24e+04 3.57e+04 3.48e+04 3.34e+05 1.01e+05 2.02e+05 4.78e+04 7.43e+04 2.03e+04 2.97e+04 2.29e+04 3.23e+05 3.80e+05 1.90e+05 5.21e+06 8.32e+05 3.23e+06
bis(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate 6.74e+05 1.56e+06 8.07e+05 1.24e+06 3.68e+05 8.67e+05 3.91e+05 4.79e+05 5.41e+05 7.21e+05 7.07e+05 4.97e+05 1.17e+06 1.11e+06 5.29e+05 4.69e+05 4.15e+05 5.46e+06 3.84e+05 4.57e+05 3.25e+05 2.07e+06 8.02e+05 3.03e+06 6.72e+06 5.54e+05 8.92e+05 9.10e+05 6.96e+05 1.18e+06 5.79e+05 1.15e+07 6.07e+05 5.70e+06 9.86e+05 3.51e+06 6.11e+05 1.34e+06 5.82e+05 9.29e+05 4.89e+05 4.61e+05 3.62e+06 2.08e+06 4.11e+05 5.01e+05 4.68e+05
L-glutamic acid 2.94e+06 6.03e+06 1.96e+07 1.08e+07 4.10e+06 2.41e+07 1.33e+07 4.18e+06 4.57e+06 1.48e+06 3.95e+06 9.47e+05 5.61e+06 7.77e+05 3.26e+07 1.84e+07 9.63e+06 4.45e+06 3.98e+07 6.73e+07 1.94e+07 6.08e+06 4.80e+07 4.94e+06 7.44e+05 2.10e+07 4.78e+07 6.53e+06 3.60e+06 8.90e+06 1.30e+07 1.95e+07 1.10e+07 2.47e+06 7.43e+06 1.18e+06 1.74e+07 8.07e+06 4.03e+06 2.26e+07 2.98e+06 6.77e+05 6.67e+05 3.45e+06 4.05e+07 5.04e+07 2.36e+07
adenosine 8.80e+06 1.44e+07 5.99e+06 2.11e+07 3.79e+06 5.26e+07 9.74e+06 7.69e+05 7.97e+05 7.44e+06 1.01e+07 1.78e+05 8.05e+05 3.46e+05 6.75e+06 8.79e+06 5.27e+05 6.11e+05 1.28e+05 4.11e+05 1.15e+05 2.49e+06 8.35e+07 1.22e+06 2.33e+05 4.48e+06 5.91e+06 2.29e+06 1.12e+07 1.21e+07 1.63e+06 3.11e+06 1.69e+06 7.65e+05 2.28e+07 4.39e+05 3.38e+06 3.49e+06 1.06e+07 4.50e+07 3.62e+07 1.72e+06 1.38e+06 4.40e+05 1.67e+07 1.23e+07 2.74e+07
5'-S-methyl-5'-thioadenosine 1.84e+04 1.10e+04 2.79e+04 1.72e+04 - 2.91e+04 9.94e+03 5.19e+03 - 1.38e+05 1.80e+05 - - - 3.35e+04 4.61e+04 - - 2.96e+04 4.79e+04 4.08e+04 - 1.01e+05 - - - 1.34e+04 - - - 1.13e+04 - - - 1.76e+04 - 2.29e+04 1.02e+04 - 3.38e+04 - - - - 5.90e+04 6.85e+04 3.78e+04
nicotinic acid 3.86e+05 3.53e+05 1.05e+06 4.31e+05 8.09e+04 3.53e+06 2.86e+05 5.22e+06 2.32e+06 2.03e+05 3.32e+05 4.59e+04 3.74e+05 4.14e+04 5.52e+05 7.32e+05 6.38e+04 1.34e+05 4.12e+06 6.55e+05 5.24e+05 2.23e+05 3.69e+06 2.56e+05 8.74e+04 2.08e+05 1.24e+06 2.22e+05 4.98e+05 6.15e+05 2.01e+05 1.49e+06 6.22e+05 1.15e+05 3.52e+05 8.48e+04 2.01e+05 7.30e+05 1.36e+05 7.01e+05 1.90e+05 8.39e+04 1.22e+05 1.60e+05 2.65e+06 2.84e+06 2.46e+06
L-histidine 3.28e+05 5.20e+05 3.23e+06 2.60e+06 9.63e+05 4.88e+06 5.71e+06 1.00e+05 1.85e+05 4.03e+05 1.40e+06 2.15e+05 5.41e+05 2.83e+05 3.65e+06 2.63e+06 1.06e+05 9.70e+05 3.27e+07 3.71e+07 1.74e+07 8.16e+04 4.21e+06 1.41e+05 1.33e+05 2.95e+05 4.12e+06 3.48e+05 1.40e+05 3.71e+05 4.55e+05 5.10e+05 4.11e+05 8.60e+04 1.38e+06 4.70e+05 8.73e+05 1.37e+06 1.53e+06 3.11e+06 1.83e+06 7.32e+04 2.38e+05 3.54e+05 4.17e+06 1.04e+07 6.48e+06
adenosine 5'-monophosphate 1.29e+05 8.80e+06 1.43e+06 1.15e+07 1.70e+06 5.42e+06 8.83e+06 1.81e+06 1.18e+06 1.04e+06 2.24e+06 4.07e+04 6.77e+05 5.29e+04 5.44e+06 5.75e+06 5.74e+05 8.26e+05 7.62e+04 3.25e+05 1.15e+05 1.38e+06 2.06e+07 1.60e+06 7.84e+04 5.78e+05 2.40e+06 2.02e+05 1.27e+06 6.15e+06 1.86e+05 3.25e+06 2.19e+06 3.32e+05 2.28e+06 1.51e+05 2.45e+05 5.31e+05 3.53e+05 2.04e+06 2.90e+05 4.72e+05 3.39e+05 2.11e+05 2.91e+07 7.51e+06 2.49e+07
urocanic acid 6.95e+05 9.28e+05 8.16e+05 1.12e+06 3.06e+05 1.52e+06 4.56e+05 6.28e+05 9.74e+05 1.54e+06 1.79e+06 5.33e+05 1.51e+06 2.76e+05 3.32e+05 3.82e+05 5.86e+06 2.96e+07 9.20e+06 7.92e+06 1.19e+07 7.42e+05 1.27e+06 1.18e+06 1.72e+06 2.48e+05 6.99e+05 3.01e+05 2.43e+06 3.21e+06 2.99e+05 1.73e+06 1.44e+06 1.85e+06 3.04e+05 2.91e+06 3.45e+05 1.08e+06 5.16e+05 6.87e+05 3.22e+05 3.79e+05 1.14e+06 3.03e+06 4.56e+05 3.83e+05 4.94e+05
Polypropylene glycol (m w 1,200-3,000) 1.26e+05 1.29e+07 1.16e+07 1.13e+07 6.66e+05 1.00e+07 7.34e+05 2.14e+05 1.77e+05 1.86e+07 1.75e+07 4.91e+05 1.20e+07 5.91e+05 1.25e+06 2.33e+06 3.23e+05 1.20e+05 1.04e+06 1.12e+06 2.90e+05 2.79e+05 1.76e+07 3.45e+05 1.38e+05 4.27e+05 6.12e+06 6.07e+05 7.88e+05 6.50e+05 6.39e+05 1.90e+05 1.85e+05 1.32e+05 1.19e+07 1.57e+05 5.78e+05 6.54e+06 6.00e+05 1.58e+07 6.64e+05 1.55e+06 1.23e+06 1.25e+05 2.03e+06 6.82e+06 2.29e+06
cytosine 1.58e+05 5.68e+05 1.07e+06 8.16e+05 4.31e+04 1.11e+06 5.58e+04 1.58e+05 7.68e+04 1.43e+06 1.36e+06 5.29e+04 5.46e+05 6.55e+04 1.62e+06 1.84e+06 3.75e+04 2.11e+04 7.96e+05 8.17e+05 1.93e+05 6.32e+04 2.07e+06 3.66e+04 2.80e+04 2.20e+06 3.32e+05 6.70e+05 3.18e+04 3.04e+04 3.52e+05 1.78e+05 1.11e+05 4.30e+04 2.57e+05 1.76e+04 8.13e+05 3.33e+05 2.80e+05 1.12e+06 3.02e+05 2.30e+04 1.82e+04 4.27e+04 1.51e+06 5.82e+05 4.61e+05
S-methylcysteine - - - - 1.22e+04 - - 5.22e+03 - - - - - - - 3.23e+04 - - 1.19e+05 2.15e+05 2.77e+04 - 5.27e+04 - - - - - - - - 9.26e+03 - - - - - - - - - - - - 3.22e+04 3.75e+04 5.44e+04
2'-deoxyadenosine 5'-monophosphate - 1.62e+04 2.12e+04 - - 1.88e+04 - 3.11e+04 7.91e+03 - - - - - - - - - - - - 2.55e+03 9.77e+04 - - - 2.96e+04 - - - - 7.80e+03 5.62e+03 - - - - - - - - - - - 8.26e+04 7.19e+04 1.44e+04
tributyl phosphate 1.00e+07 9.84e+05 1.21e+06 1.04e+06 2.30e+06 7.51e+05 3.28e+06 7.00e+05 7.27e+05 1.32e+06 1.13e+06 6.37e+06 9.51e+05 4.56e+06 2.52e+06 1.34e+06 4.06e+05 9.05e+06 2.08e+06 5.75e+05 2.57e+06 4.54e+05 1.68e+06 4.37e+05 1.14e+07 7.02e+06 1.16e+06 1.90e+06 6.14e+05 8.60e+05 1.98e+06 7.31e+05 6.82e+05 1.05e+07 9.31e+05 1.28e+07 2.68e+06 7.40e+05 2.55e+06 9.03e+05 2.90e+06 2.07e+06 3.53e+06 9.35e+06 1.68e+06 1.65e+06 2.11e+06
riboflavin - 1.40e+04 - 2.96e+04 - - 1.14e+04 1.34e+04 3.86e+03 1.76e+05 2.33e+05 - 3.41e+04 - 1.68e+05 1.08e+05 7.14e+03 4.32e+04 1.14e+05 1.53e+05 8.88e+04 4.20e+03 9.69e+04 4.48e+03 5.48e+03 1.25e+04 2.52e+04 - - - 4.17e+04 1.16e+04 7.83e+03 - - - 2.43e+05 5.43e+04 5.32e+06 7.46e+06 3.15e+06 - 4.01e+03 - 5.85e+05 2.48e+05 4.15e+05
4-guanidinobutanoic acid 2.04e+05 1.91e+05 1.52e+05 2.36e+05 1.34e+05 1.11e+06 1.66e+05 2.54e+06 1.52e+06 5.42e+05 5.92e+05 6.12e+04 2.78e+05 4.89e+04 1.63e+06 1.16e+06 1.49e+05 3.76e+05 5.90e+06 3.00e+06 3.37e+06 1.06e+05 3.21e+06 2.13e+05 2.10e+05 3.26e+06 1.06e+06 3.48e+06 2.71e+05 2.87e+05 4.14e+05 7.77e+05 7.13e+05 2.41e+05 1.09e+05 1.87e+05 3.89e+05 1.93e+05 1.60e+05 6.60e+05 9.79e+04 9.05e+04 1.16e+05 3.41e+05 2.31e+06 7.63e+05 1.49e+06
trans-4-hydroxy-L-proline 5.20e+04 1.02e+05 4.75e+04 1.16e+05 5.32e+04 1.03e+05 1.69e+05 7.21e+05 3.52e+05 4.22e+04 8.79e+04 3.98e+04 5.04e+04 4.33e+04 4.28e+05 4.04e+05 5.46e+04 8.25e+04 4.17e+06 2.26e+06 1.88e+06 5.64e+04 6.93e+05 5.98e+04 1.69e+04 1.25e+05 5.13e+04 1.70e+05 3.54e+04 4.04e+04 7.51e+04 3.01e+05 1.20e+05 2.80e+04 3.11e+04 4.34e+04 9.25e+04 3.39e+04 1.28e+05 9.61e+05 1.37e+05 1.75e+04 2.93e+04 2.63e+04 4.63e+05 1.63e+05 4.38e+05
diisopropyl hydrogen phosphate 5.10e+05 1.65e+06 2.01e+06 1.79e+06 4.34e+05 1.64e+06 4.21e+05 1.70e+05 1.88e+05 2.83e+06 1.77e+06 5.29e+05 1.47e+06 4.97e+05 1.70e+06 1.72e+06 1.66e+05 5.23e+05 7.52e+05 6.53e+05 5.20e+05 1.56e+05 2.72e+06 2.14e+05 5.78e+05 1.98e+06 1.63e+06 2.14e+06 1.39e+06 1.79e+06 2.11e+06 1.84e+05 1.86e+05 7.42e+05 1.60e+06 5.36e+05 2.19e+06 1.16e+06 4.59e+05 1.75e+06 4.27e+05 5.47e+05 6.67e+05 5.44e+05 6.92e+05 1.27e+06 6.75e+05
cytidine 3.90e+05 7.07e+05 1.36e+06 1.07e+06 4.37e+04 6.56e+05 1.20e+05 1.32e+05 3.94e+04 1.23e+06 1.65e+06 1.15e+04 1.80e+05 1.54e+04 1.29e+06 1.52e+06 3.73e+04 4.31e+04 8.50e+05 1.33e+06 4.77e+05 3.98e+04 5.70e+05 3.95e+04 1.13e+04 1.52e+05 2.98e+05 8.02e+04 2.15e+04 2.91e+04 2.03e+05 6.77e+04 5.04e+04 2.76e+04 3.08e+05 1.27e+04 5.81e+04 3.79e+05 2.66e+05 1.38e+06 3.49e+05 3.85e+04 2.90e+04 1.94e+04 1.46e+06 5.61e+05 4.68e+05
3-aminobutanoic acid 1.18e+06 2.19e+06 2.17e+06 2.04e+06 1.16e+06 2.20e+06 1.24e+06 6.02e+05 6.51e+05 2.28e+06 2.29e+06 1.13e+06 2.04e+06 1.15e+06 2.45e+06 2.35e+06 5.15e+05 1.17e+06 1.91e+06 1.67e+06 1.55e+06 5.02e+05 2.35e+06 4.95e+05 1.11e+06 2.38e+06 2.38e+06 2.39e+06 6.08e+05 5.88e+05 2.29e+06 5.14e+05 5.03e+05 1.14e+06 2.04e+06 1.10e+06 2.31e+06 2.13e+06 1.40e+06 2.13e+06 1.27e+06 1.14e+06 1.16e+06 1.15e+06 1.60e+06 1.89e+06 1.58e+06
spermine 3.62e+05 5.53e+05 6.17e+05 6.39e+05 1.95e+04 6.53e+05 2.01e+04 9.55e+04 9.79e+04 5.65e+05 6.06e+05 2.04e+04 6.40e+05 2.40e+04 9.48e+05 1.23e+06 9.76e+04 3.19e+05 2.74e+04 2.37e+04 2.25e+04 8.94e+04 6.02e+05 9.61e+04 2.77e+05 1.38e+06 5.92e+05 1.19e+06 3.78e+05 3.93e+05 1.13e+06 9.95e+04 9.17e+04 3.17e+05 6.36e+05 2.77e+05 1.22e+06 6.49e+05 1.98e+04 7.22e+05 2.04e+04 3.78e+05 2.58e+05 3.85e+05 4.59e+05 2.79e+05 4.78e+05
N,N-diethyl-m-toluamide 2.61e+05 2.59e+05 2.58e+05 2.63e+05 2.82e+05 3.74e+05 2.07e+05 1.36e+05 1.53e+05 3.70e+05 2.80e+05 2.28e+05 2.63e+05 1.84e+05 3.19e+05 3.44e+05 1.34e+05 5.26e+05 2.39e+05 1.64e+05 6.66e+04 1.11e+05 4.75e+05 1.22e+05 2.67e+05 4.70e+05 2.29e+05 4.27e+05 2.96e+05 2.65e+05 3.01e+05 1.28e+05 1.21e+05 3.79e+05 2.62e+05 2.50e+05 4.48e+05 2.45e+05 4.00e+05 3.49e+05 3.83e+05 2.80e+05 5.36e+05 2.01e+05 1.87e+05 2.73e+05 2.23e+05
pyridoxine 5.55e+04 1.22e+05 7.20e+04 6.77e+04 5.73e+04 2.39e+05 6.66e+04 3.88e+05 1.46e+05 5.47e+04 5.14e+04 3.45e+04 1.15e+05 2.64e+04 1.10e+05 1.49e+05 4.19e+04 3.02e+04 3.39e+05 8.11e+04 1.99e+05 2.47e+04 1.60e+05 1.94e+04 3.67e+04 8.18e+04 7.59e+04 1.18e+05 1.49e+05 1.05e+05 1.01e+05 5.18e+04 2.95e+04 4.78e+04 8.10e+04 3.54e+04 1.51e+05 6.69e+04 7.49e+04 1.06e+05 7.51e+04 3.36e+04 5.59e+04 7.44e+04 1.05e+05 1.20e+05 6.46e+04
(R)-2-hydroxyglutaric acid 1.37e+05 4.46e+05 1.06e+07 5.98e+05 4.92e+05 3.89e+07 1.17e+06 4.08e+06 2.31e+06 7.51e+05 1.32e+06 4.46e+05 2.47e+06 2.79e+05 3.03e+06 1.92e+06 1.13e+06 8.96e+05 4.36e+07 5.38e+08 7.31e+06 4.23e+05 3.02e+07 3.59e+05 2.33e+05 3.20e+06 6.42e+06 1.13e+06 4.62e+05 9.51e+05 7.67e+05 2.44e+06 1.08e+06 4.49e+05 2.23e+06 1.48e+05 7.80e+05 7.16e+06 6.95e+05 2.50e+06 6.49e+05 1.43e+05 1.55e+05 9.18e+05 1.37e+07 1.08e+08 1.23e+07
sucrose 2.94e+06 1.16e+05 1.01e+06 2.50e+06 1.52e+06 3.98e+06 1.57e+06 2.20e+07 6.39e+06 9.77e+05 7.55e+05 4.24e+06 2.18e+07 2.94e+05 1.60e+07 5.52e+06 2.32e+05 7.06e+06 3.58e+08 5.16e+08 1.24e+08 5.02e+04 5.78e+06 2.45e+04 5.88e+05 3.39e+05 3.63e+05 2.43e+05 6.25e+04 4.63e+05 2.93e+05 4.39e+05 1.15e+05 4.71e+06 6.84e+06 7.81e+05 2.57e+05 1.15e+07 1.38e+05 1.33e+07 4.94e+04 5.41e+04 2.14e+05 2.11e+06 9.56e+06 9.80e+07 7.31e+06
allantoin - 2.49e+04 2.54e+04 5.18e+04 2.65e+04 4.66e+04 5.19e+04 3.89e+05 2.77e+05 3.25e+05 9.88e+05 - 4.67e+04 3.78e+04 1.02e+05 7.30e+04 2.46e+04 2.35e+04 1.88e+06 1.65e+06 8.10e+05 1.60e+05 6.98e+05 2.03e+05 4.55e+04 4.37e+05 1.11e+05 3.37e+05 2.14e+04 5.59e+04 2.38e+04 8.57e+05 5.13e+05 2.11e+04 3.85e+04 1.05e+04 1.66e+04 3.41e+04 2.61e+05 1.71e+05 4.41e+05 1.03e+04 - 4.08e+04 1.69e+05 2.21e+05 1.16e+05
N(2)-acetyl-L-lysine - - - - - - - 1.20e+04 1.22e+04 - - - - - - - 1.03e+04 - 7.53e+04 2.68e+05 6.35e+04 1.30e+04 1.03e+05 5.17e+03 - 2.64e+04 2.19e+04 3.89e+04 - - - 8.67e+03 4.81e+03 - - - - - - 4.09e+04 - - - - 2.41e+04 3.56e+04 2.72e+04
(S)-malic acid 8.02e+05 3.81e+06 3.10e+07 7.34e+06 6.41e+06 2.98e+07 1.17e+07 9.27e+06 3.97e+06 1.80e+07 2.12e+07 3.82e+06 2.59e+07 1.43e+06 6.87e+07 1.42e+07 5.05e+06 5.11e+06 4.38e+08 6.70e+08 9.18e+07 2.68e+06 1.38e+08 2.42e+06 2.58e+06 1.13e+07 6.91e+07 2.65e+06 1.56e+06 3.79e+06 6.67e+06 9.88e+06 5.21e+06 4.88e+06 3.38e+07 1.65e+06 1.89e+06 3.08e+07 2.81e+06 1.55e+07 1.26e+06 7.42e+05 6.29e+05 9.82e+06 8.34e+07 1.22e+08 3.74e+07
D-glucopyranose 6-phosphate 4.95e+04 1.84e+05 5.11e+05 3.65e+05 7.76e+05 1.00e+06 2.54e+06 3.62e+05 1.39e+05 1.24e+05 2.06e+05 2.03e+05 1.79e+05 6.08e+05 2.87e+05 1.26e+05 3.24e+05 1.17e+06 1.94e+07 9.96e+06 8.02e+06 1.30e+05 8.05e+05 1.15e+05 3.09e+05 6.99e+04 2.67e+05 9.56e+04 3.00e+04 1.62e+05 4.22e+04 1.42e+05 6.60e+04 4.17e+05 2.75e+05 2.33e+05 1.99e+04 3.18e+05 4.74e+04 3.02e+04 4.52e+04 8.94e+04 8.30e+04 1.03e+06 4.48e+06 2.89e+06 3.05e+06
D-mannitol 2.02e+05 2.65e+06 1.94e+07 2.75e+06 4.40e+06 1.14e+07 6.45e+06 1.03e+08 5.27e+07 5.44e+06 9.34e+06 1.50e+06 1.55e+07 6.04e+05 5.61e+06 2.05e+06 2.91e+05 4.61e+05 1.08e+08 4.12e+08 5.15e+07 8.34e+05 7.01e+07 5.35e+05 2.22e+06 4.71e+06 1.98e+07 3.59e+06 1.39e+06 1.08e+06 8.04e+05 1.01e+07 3.51e+06 3.81e+06 1.08e+07 2.36e+06 8.53e+05 1.69e+07 1.18e+06 1.64e+07 6.33e+05 9.28e+05 7.55e+05 1.69e+06 3.33e+07 4.97e+07 2.07e+07
citric acid 1.51e+05 2.62e+05 5.08e+05 3.98e+05 8.96e+05 8.77e+05 2.82e+06 1.20e+07 2.26e+06 6.33e+05 8.76e+05 1.88e+05 2.11e+06 8.76e+04 6.81e+06 1.45e+06 4.73e+05 8.35e+05 3.45e+08 4.76e+08 4.28e+07 2.80e+05 2.35e+07 2.12e+05 2.06e+05 3.14e+06 7.19e+06 3.19e+05 8.16e+04 1.36e+05 2.99e+05 1.34e+06 4.69e+05 6.73e+05 3.94e+07 1.74e+05 2.02e+05 1.62e+06 1.24e+05 4.43e+05 8.88e+04 4.47e+04 5.03e+04 5.71e+05 1.60e+07 6.00e+07 8.22e+06
L-cystathionine - - 8.03e+04 7.30e+03 - 3.29e+04 1.48e+04 2.11e+04 1.57e+04 - 7.16e+03 - - - 1.75e+04 1.87e+04 - 7.63e+03 1.37e+05 4.02e+05 5.27e+04 - 6.81e+04 - - - 1.23e+04 - - - 6.13e+03 1.66e+04 - 3.19e+03 5.49e+03 - - 6.82e+03 - 6.49e+03 - - - 3.68e+03 4.93e+04 4.71e+04 4.40e+04
D-fructofuranose 7.01e+05 3.27e+05 4.63e+05 2.04e+05 3.24e+05 7.87e+05 7.00e+05 1.43e+07 7.18e+06 6.29e+05 6.44e+05 1.69e+05 5.55e+05 1.22e+05 2.86e+06 1.78e+06 2.47e+05 4.28e+05 5.11e+07 4.03e+07 2.71e+07 4.09e+05 1.68e+07 4.95e+05 4.09e+05 6.65e+05 7.65e+05 4.18e+05 4.23e+05 7.48e+05 4.47e+05 3.45e+06 1.74e+06 4.34e+05 5.17e+05 2.90e+05 1.64e+05 4.61e+05 1.04e+06 2.24e+06 8.77e+05 9.11e+04 1.27e+05 4.07e+05 6.52e+06 3.79e+06 4.18e+06
guanine - 2.93e+04 1.36e+04 2.07e+04 - 8.33e+04 - 3.45e+05 2.94e+04 1.78e+05 2.48e+05 - 1.83e+04 - 1.41e+05 1.19e+05 - - - - - 5.26e+03 4.17e+04 - - 6.76e+04 1.73e+04 1.18e+04 7.23e+03 4.67e+03 9.22e+03 2.80e+04 7.36e+03 3.09e+03 - - 1.16e+05 1.58e+04 5.95e+04 1.14e+05 1.51e+04 - - - 5.96e+04 4.28e+04 4.55e+04
Alanyl-Glycine 3.47e+04 1.20e+04 1.20e+04 1.11e+04 1.73e+04 1.05e+05 3.24e+04 1.84e+04 7.04e+03 1.38e+04 1.01e+04 8.50e+03 1.75e+04 1.16e+04 2.64e+04 2.05e+04 8.33e+03 1.53e+04 1.69e+05 2.15e+05 8.14e+04 4.69e+03 2.70e+04 4.83e+03 5.08e+03 1.33e+04 3.78e+04 1.28e+04 9.55e+03 1.09e+04 9.65e+03 1.15e+04 9.21e+03 9.71e+03 1.20e+04 7.84e+03 1.26e+04 7.63e+04 - 1.24e+04 1.38e+04 3.15e+03 3.64e+03 7.39e+03 4.61e+04 9.15e+04 3.99e+04
Octadecadienoate 3.04e+06 3.69e+06 5.82e+06 4.36e+06 5.15e+06 4.41e+06 1.78e+07 5.46e+07 1.07e+07 5.43e+06 7.61e+06 4.00e+05 1.39e+06 1.08e+06 5.80e+06 6.88e+06 3.47e+06 5.76e+06 1.68e+07 1.96e+07 6.77e+06 1.98e+06 8.48e+06 1.32e+06 4.19e+06 9.44e+06 4.94e+06 1.85e+06 3.62e+06 7.72e+06 3.58e+05 1.34e+07 5.64e+06 3.88e+06 1.15e+06 2.33e+06 6.26e+05 1.04e+07 1.27e+06 2.82e+06 1.29e+06 1.16e+06 1.70e+06 4.01e+06 3.63e+07 6.48e+06 3.06e+07
maltose 3.60e+06 4.69e+04 1.19e+06 5.79e+04 2.15e+06 2.37e+04 4.02e+06 1.20e+07 8.24e+06 2.81e+04 4.85e+04 1.88e+06 3.81e+04 1.05e+06 1.50e+05 2.04e+05 2.17e+06 1.26e+06 1.62e+07 1.55e+07 7.57e+06 2.43e+05 3.88e+04 3.19e+05 9.43e+05 3.16e+04 1.94e+04 1.21e+05 2.54e+05 3.82e+05 5.99e+04 2.70e+05 5.62e+05 5.27e+05 1.04e+04 6.17e+05 - 1.61e+04 9.50e+05 4.28e+06 6.37e+05 2.21e+05 2.96e+05 1.41e+06 1.61e+06 4.72e+05 1.42e+06
2-phospho-D-glyceric acid - 1.68e+04 5.52e+04 1.99e+04 1.09e+05 - 3.87e+05 3.24e+04 - 3.06e+04 6.01e+04 3.17e+04 3.18e+04 - 4.39e+04 5.30e+04 - 5.87e+04 5.41e+06 6.30e+06 7.95e+05 - 9.30e+04 - 1.72e+04 1.91e+04 1.91e+04 - 1.54e+04 1.33e+04 - - - 5.73e+04 2.20e+04 3.39e+04 - 1.40e+04 - - - - 1.69e+04 3.10e+04 8.82e+04 2.08e+05 4.78e+04
glutathione disulfide - 2.25e+04 2.43e+04 4.14e+04 - - - 6.37e+04 3.29e+04 2.31e+04 3.89e+04 - - - 2.01e+04 4.69e+04 - 1.23e+04 1.30e+05 2.25e+05 5.16e+04 - 5.25e+04 - - 3.43e+04 - 8.62e+03 - - - - - - - - 1.41e+04 - - - - - 5.64e+03 - 4.75e+04 - 4.91e+04
myristoleic acid 2.74e+05 5.79e+05 1.07e+06 4.81e+05 8.92e+05 3.05e+06 1.69e+06 1.83e+07 3.97e+06 1.71e+06 2.87e+06 4.08e+05 2.42e+06 6.06e+05 1.75e+06 7.16e+05 2.21e+06 2.84e+06 2.78e+07 1.37e+08 3.47e+06 1.58e+06 1.06e+07 6.89e+05 1.26e+06 2.45e+07 1.21e+08 1.51e+06 3.10e+05 4.06e+05 2.71e+05 7.92e+06 4.17e+06 1.31e+06 1.17e+06 6.28e+05 1.38e+05 6.26e+06 5.57e+05 2.82e+06 2.10e+05 3.30e+05 8.73e+05 1.82e+06 2.96e+07 5.26e+07 4.60e+06
taurine 1.15e+05 1.62e+07 6.65e+06 1.92e+07 3.53e+06 4.78e+06 1.19e+07 5.02e+05 2.69e+05 7.13e+06 1.03e+07 1.12e+05 6.89e+05 1.39e+05 1.53e+07 1.65e+07 1.52e+05 5.51e+05 7.38e+07 1.03e+07 4.34e+07 2.35e+05 3.34e+06 2.29e+05 1.73e+05 3.03e+05 4.96e+05 6.03e+05 2.05e+06 5.93e+06 7.93e+05 3.80e+05 4.35e+05 2.68e+06 2.89e+05 2.55e+06 6.75e+05 6.40e+05 2.25e+05 1.20e+06 2.82e+05 1.01e+06 1.49e+06 2.16e+05 1.98e+07 5.61e+06 2.63e+07
(R)-lactic acid 2.71e+05 4.46e+05 2.79e+06 3.77e+05 5.92e+05 1.52e+07 1.18e+06 3.89e+07 1.98e+07 7.96e+05 8.05e+05 6.15e+05 4.02e+05 4.96e+05 8.81e+05 7.87e+05 2.84e+06 4.56e+06 2.82e+07 4.06e+07 1.32e+07 6.45e+05 1.33e+06 5.83e+05 7.27e+05 6.31e+05 2.74e+05 5.92e+05 8.14e+05 1.03e+06 3.93e+05 9.85e+05 9.01e+05 5.45e+05 3.37e+05 7.70e+05 4.76e+05 4.49e+05 6.96e+05 3.80e+05 6.08e+05 2.56e+05 4.94e+05 1.00e+06 3.91e+06 1.44e+07 3.09e+06
D-threose 5.45e+04 1.21e+05 1.31e+05 1.15e+05 1.49e+05 3.39e+05 1.74e+05 3.95e+06 1.64e+06 1.29e+05 1.36e+05 1.30e+05 1.33e+05 1.14e+05 3.09e+05 1.64e+05 4.94e+04 6.33e+04 1.03e+07 3.25e+06 5.59e+06 6.48e+04 1.52e+06 5.99e+04 8.07e+04 2.58e+05 2.04e+05 2.16e+05 1.76e+05 1.76e+05 1.73e+05 3.55e+05 1.56e+05 8.74e+04 1.59e+05 7.90e+04 1.72e+05 1.21e+05 2.84e+05 2.51e+05 2.41e+05 5.68e+04 6.10e+04 8.36e+04 9.60e+05 3.34e+05 5.51e+05
orotic acid 6.66e+04 2.05e+04 6.97e+04 4.37e+04 1.56e+04 5.65e+04 6.06e+04 1.46e+05 5.71e+04 8.73e+04 3.02e+05 1.14e+04 3.45e+04 2.12e+04 2.20e+05 3.20e+05 3.63e+04 4.77e+04 9.77e+05 5.17e+05 1.30e+06 1.58e+04 4.53e+05 8.95e+04 1.39e+04 4.15e+04 3.56e+04 3.39e+04 5.12e+04 4.98e+04 3.77e+04 9.41e+04 3.28e+05 1.42e+04 2.65e+04 2.15e+04 1.73e+05 2.92e+04 4.03e+04 6.10e+04 9.36e+04 6.69e+03 9.91e+03 2.06e+04 2.59e+05 1.49e+05 3.65e+05
pyruvic acid 1.98e+04 5.89e+04 3.61e+05 6.30e+04 6.98e+05 1.22e+06 2.19e+06 7.57e+04 7.06e+04 8.28e+04 8.92e+04 9.83e+04 7.34e+04 9.80e+04 1.84e+06 1.07e+06 1.70e+05 2.20e+05 1.39e+07 1.66e+07 4.45e+06 6.21e+04 2.95e+05 5.58e+04 3.43e+04 1.13e+05 4.72e+04 9.52e+04 4.66e+04 7.65e+04 7.71e+04 1.10e+05 8.84e+04 6.67e+04 6.67e+04 4.23e+04 6.75e+04 1.44e+05 1.30e+05 3.16e+05 1.34e+05 1.70e+04 3.12e+04 5.23e+04 8.90e+06 2.34e+06 7.35e+06
L-valine 9.34e+04 2.52e+05 7.92e+05 2.38e+05 2.43e+05 1.51e+06 4.82e+05 6.12e+05 2.06e+05 1.23e+05 1.17e+05 5.86e+04 9.79e+05 4.31e+04 8.36e+05 5.10e+05 1.35e+05 3.73e+05 5.50e+06 1.79e+07 1.90e+06 4.51e+04 1.51e+06 5.90e+04 5.16e+04 5.09e+05 4.61e+06 1.93e+05 1.05e+05 1.10e+05 1.54e+05 1.53e+05 1.45e+05 1.47e+05 3.76e+05 8.60e+04 2.00e+05 8.39e+05 6.45e+04 1.02e+06 4.93e+04 3.88e+04 4.15e+04 1.15e+05 1.69e+06 4.74e+06 8.27e+05
L-tryptophan 2.80e+04 3.81e+04 7.50e+04 8.43e+04 4.53e+04 8.53e+04 1.33e+05 4.86e+05 1.64e+05 5.20e+04 1.02e+05 - 1.12e+05 1.24e+04 3.52e+04 4.37e+04 3.64e+04 7.62e+04 1.40e+06 5.66e+06 5.29e+05 1.93e+04 1.88e+05 1.89e+04 1.29e+04 2.97e+04 6.48e+05 3.76e+04 2.60e+04 2.77e+04 4.93e+04 7.30e+04 5.33e+04 1.74e+04 5.49e+04 2.25e+04 5.29e+03 1.01e+05 3.47e+06 1.35e+06 6.85e+06 8.73e+03 1.41e+04 2.29e+04 6.50e+05 9.96e+05 7.20e+05
(2R,3S)-2-methylcitric acid 1.31e+04 8.44e+04 1.10e+04 7.84e+04 8.98e+04 3.07e+04 2.00e+05 1.07e+06 4.10e+05 1.03e+05 1.10e+05 4.53e+04 1.65e+04 3.28e+04 1.61e+06 2.01e+05 3.83e+04 9.15e+04 1.77e+07 3.69e+06 3.58e+06 5.23e+04 7.59e+05 5.63e+04 2.31e+04 2.62e+05 1.22e+05 5.83e+04 2.27e+04 4.56e+04 3.53e+04 5.21e+05 3.36e+05 3.33e+04 5.62e+04 3.55e+04 1.36e+04 2.50e+04 2.99e+05 1.19e+05 1.36e+05 1.39e+04 1.42e+04 7.98e+04 1.12e+06 2.26e+05 6.29e+05
Xanthine 1.08e+05 1.99e+05 4.90e+04 2.18e+05 1.20e+05 2.45e+05 2.33e+05 3.80e+05 1.14e+05 3.04e+06 2.76e+06 3.70e+04 1.52e+06 2.43e+04 2.59e+06 2.25e+06 1.32e+05 3.46e+05 2.42e+06 2.02e+06 1.56e+06 8.16e+04 1.45e+06 6.05e+04 1.19e+05 6.55e+05 2.31e+06 9.07e+04 6.15e+04 6.50e+04 9.97e+05 2.77e+05 1.55e+05 1.78e+05 1.14e+05 1.17e+05 3.03e+06 2.96e+05 2.47e+05 5.21e+05 1.12e+05 3.89e+04 1.25e+05 1.45e+05 2.51e+06 4.35e+06 2.90e+06
phthalic acid 1.66e+06 6.17e+06 8.13e+05 1.17e+06 6.10e+05 4.04e+05 6.81e+05 1.76e+05 2.81e+05 1.98e+05 6.26e+05 2.55e+06 7.25e+05 1.49e+06 1.30e+06 1.27e+06 2.12e+06 2.98e+05 3.64e+05 2.73e+05 2.50e+05 1.74e+06 1.70e+06 1.28e+06 3.34e+05 7.52e+05 1.42e+06 7.37e+06 1.90e+06 1.20e+06 7.53e+06 6.14e+05 1.31e+06 3.07e+05 8.71e+05 9.84e+05 9.06e+06 7.11e+05 5.84e+06 2.00e+06 6.33e+06 1.13e+06 1.86e+06 7.54e+05 2.60e+05 5.29e+05 2.72e+05
L-phenylalanine 1.36e+05 3.39e+05 7.96e+05 4.76e+05 2.73e+05 1.04e+06 5.83e+05 6.08e+05 1.99e+05 1.10e+05 1.12e+05 6.66e+04 1.42e+06 4.82e+04 3.99e+05 3.61e+05 1.71e+05 5.48e+05 5.62e+06 8.33e+06 2.44e+06 7.98e+04 1.55e+06 7.20e+04 1.12e+05 5.14e+05 4.95e+06 1.82e+05 2.46e+05 1.54e+05 2.65e+05 2.62e+05 1.79e+05 2.06e+05 6.02e+05 1.71e+05 1.71e+05 8.66e+05 4.52e+05 8.99e+05 3.61e+05 6.69e+04 8.89e+04 1.79e+05 1.68e+06 4.43e+06 8.93e+05
uridine 7.01e+05 6.39e+04 6.74e+05 1.08e+05 2.32e+05 2.25e+06 6.26e+05 2.79e+04 1.83e+04 5.64e+05 6.07e+05 3.59e+04 2.91e+05 2.84e+04 1.58e+06 1.10e+06 1.71e+04 1.47e+05 3.03e+06 6.76e+06 9.80e+05 1.73e+04 9.29e+05 1.54e+04 1.56e+04 2.32e+05 1.20e+06 1.40e+05 1.90e+04 2.71e+04 9.02e+04 6.81e+04 3.20e+04 1.11e+05 1.00e+06 3.01e+04 8.01e+04 5.79e+05 1.41e+06 2.06e+06 1.77e+06 1.66e+04 1.65e+04 3.71e+04 2.67e+06 6.17e+06 1.47e+06
L-methionine 8.16e+04 2.93e+05 8.97e+05 3.14e+05 3.90e+05 1.01e+06 6.19e+05 3.21e+04 1.19e+04 1.98e+04 1.97e+04 3.29e+04 1.21e+06 2.74e+04 3.16e+05 2.57e+05 8.29e+04 2.02e+05 3.75e+06 5.91e+06 1.12e+06 3.73e+04 1.03e+06 2.78e+04 3.62e+04 3.59e+05 4.99e+06 1.10e+05 8.62e+04 1.36e+05 1.54e+05 1.58e+05 9.76e+04 2.22e+05 3.35e+05 9.47e+04 1.54e+05 3.12e+05 3.52e+04 1.29e+06 3.66e+04 5.29e+04 5.08e+04 8.22e+04 1.38e+06 4.52e+06 6.86e+05
L-asparagine 5.86e+04 7.50e+05 3.60e+05 2.89e+05 5.91e+05 1.81e+04 6.38e+05 5.78e+05 2.93e+05 - - 5.39e+04 9.56e+03 4.23e+04 2.70e+04 9.99e+04 1.92e+05 6.57e+04 4.83e+05 9.29e+05 1.03e+05 1.38e+05 2.46e+04 1.06e+05 1.03e+05 - 2.44e+04 1.46e+05 2.81e+05 3.02e+05 3.67e+05 4.92e+05 2.77e+05 2.99e+05 6.98e+03 1.38e+05 2.06e+04 7.67e+03 8.84e+04 5.66e+05 4.86e+04 1.11e+05 8.95e+04 8.52e+04 7.05e+05 1.19e+05 5.42e+05
L-serine 1.58e+05 1.37e+06 2.49e+05 5.79e+05 4.64e+05 1.11e+05 7.20e+05 8.14e+04 7.97e+04 2.40e+04 7.32e+04 9.03e+04 2.08e+04 7.13e+04 1.85e+05 1.62e+05 4.74e+05 4.54e+05 1.25e+06 1.64e+06 3.31e+05 1.82e+05 3.17e+04 1.70e+05 9.65e+04 1.39e+04 5.05e+04 2.91e+05 1.94e+05 2.15e+05 1.33e+05 5.93e+05 3.96e+05 2.80e+05 1.90e+04 1.55e+05 7.34e+04 2.10e+04 1.34e+05 2.07e+05 8.40e+04 1.10e+05 1.27e+05 1.28e+05 6.09e+05 1.37e+05 4.29e+05
3-hydroxyphenylacetic acid 1.40e+04 2.79e+04 3.41e+04 5.81e+04 8.71e+04 4.11e+04 1.17e+05 7.72e+05 2.89e+05 3.55e+04 2.86e+04 8.03e+04 4.51e+04 7.35e+04 6.51e+04 3.80e+04 4.92e+04 3.87e+04 1.12e+06 1.31e+06 4.32e+05 5.17e+04 4.79e+05 5.11e+04 3.38e+04 5.98e+04 4.54e+04 5.66e+04 3.29e+04 5.72e+04 4.31e+04 1.53e+05 8.53e+04 6.83e+04 6.03e+04 3.45e+04 4.40e+04 3.54e+04 4.69e+05 2.94e+05 3.27e+05 1.05e+04 1.10e+04 3.24e+04 1.19e+05 1.83e+05 8.18e+04
Imidazole-4-acetate 2.57e+03 6.17e+03 5.99e+03 7.92e+03 1.32e+05 9.94e+03 1.33e+05 2.98e+04 2.14e+04 1.08e+04 6.16e+03 1.15e+05 8.79e+03 1.25e+05 1.62e+04 1.69e+04 5.10e+03 4.00e+03 2.02e+05 1.31e+05 2.05e+05 4.20e+03 1.16e+04 6.05e+03 3.06e+03 1.70e+04 5.92e+03 2.65e+04 4.26e+03 6.35e+03 1.34e+04 2.34e+04 1.97e+04 3.91e+03 6.74e+03 6.37e+03 1.79e+04 6.36e+03 1.26e+05 8.07e+03 1.60e+05 2.59e+03 3.51e+03 3.02e+03 3.76e+04 6.32e+04 3.43e+04
Adenosine 2',5'-bisphosphate - 3.50e+04 9.02e+04 4.09e+04 1.77e+05 8.02e+04 9.80e+05 2.29e+05 8.12e+04 5.93e+04 2.00e+05 2.69e+04 1.90e+04 2.05e+04 7.53e+04 8.68e+04 3.44e+04 1.58e+05 6.47e+05 7.50e+05 6.41e+05 5.44e+04 3.15e+05 6.67e+04 2.30e+04 3.55e+04 2.66e+04 1.10e+04 1.40e+04 1.57e+04 1.65e+04 1.12e+05 8.88e+04 8.14e+04 6.17e+04 5.52e+04 - 2.02e+04 - - 1.57e+04 1.91e+04 2.38e+04 6.66e+04 7.65e+05 1.07e+06 4.86e+05
L-cystine 5.10e+04 1.02e+05 5.38e+04 1.12e+05 3.26e+04 1.55e+04 6.09e+04 1.08e+04 8.25e+03 - - - 3.53e+04 - 8.38e+04 7.58e+04 7.70e+03 1.72e+04 - 8.87e+05 - 2.27e+04 2.32e+05 1.96e+04 1.74e+04 8.74e+03 4.78e+05 - 1.14e+04 5.72e+03 9.47e+03 4.16e+04 3.29e+04 2.50e+04 2.16e+04 1.78e+04 - - 4.04e+04 2.48e+05 4.67e+04 1.62e+04 1.57e+04 1.92e+04 3.92e+05 2.70e+05 3.12e+05
guanosine 5'-monophosphate 5.51e+03 1.05e+05 3.31e+04 1.69e+05 2.76e+04 2.38e+04 1.26e+05 5.11e+04 2.47e+04 1.18e+05 2.60e+05 - 2.85e+04 - 9.81e+04 9.48e+04 1.73e+04 3.39e+04 - - - 2.54e+04 3.02e+05 3.07e+04 4.25e+03 - 7.56e+04 - - 7.69e+03 - 4.48e+04 3.66e+04 1.22e+04 5.46e+04 5.64e+03 - 6.18e+04 - 1.37e+04 - 1.75e+04 1.13e+04 8.95e+03 4.15e+05 2.19e+05 2.09e+05
uridine 5'-monophosphate 2.37e+04 - 3.63e+04 - 4.36e+04 4.28e+04 2.10e+05 1.84e+05 1.00e+05 3.43e+04 8.41e+04 - 3.40e+04 - 2.69e+04 3.51e+04 6.06e+04 1.45e+05 - 7.49e+04 - 4.38e+04 4.90e+05 3.72e+04 9.25e+03 3.11e+04 1.48e+05 2.23e+04 5.59e+03 4.00e+04 1.59e+04 3.03e+04 4.33e+04 3.60e+04 1.55e+05 1.03e+04 1.60e+04 9.22e+04 4.81e+04 1.12e+05 3.63e+04 - - 4.01e+04 2.83e+05 4.43e+05 2.61e+05
cytidine 5'-monophosphate - - 2.12e+04 - - 2.22e+04 4.72e+04 4.57e+04 2.25e+04 - - - - - - - - 1.08e+04 - - - - 1.46e+05 - - - 4.20e+04 - - 4.09e+03 - 1.24e+04 - - 4.88e+04 - - 5.09e+04 - 2.34e+04 - - - - 1.73e+05 1.43e+05 6.18e+04
succinic semialdehyde 1.82e+04 5.38e+04 5.49e+04 5.43e+04 1.40e+05 7.52e+04 1.54e+05 9.51e+04 5.70e+04 6.53e+04 4.32e+04 1.40e+05 5.11e+04 1.53e+05 8.56e+04 9.19e+04 4.36e+04 1.79e+04 2.50e+05 2.09e+05 2.01e+05 3.64e+04 8.47e+04 3.81e+04 1.82e+04 9.16e+04 4.87e+04 1.15e+05 3.81e+04 3.99e+04 8.48e+04 4.39e+04 4.24e+04 1.82e+04 4.89e+04 1.93e+04 9.85e+04 4.42e+04 1.47e+05 5.27e+04 1.55e+05 1.30e+04 1.68e+04 1.74e+04 9.86e+04 1.16e+05 9.32e+04