Investigate which Drosophila metabolic pathways are changing between the whole fly and the different tissue types.

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Pathway activity level scores (PALS) rank changes in pathways between the samples from Drosophila tissues and the whole flies. The smaller the score the more significant the changes in the pathways between the samples.

Columns can be dragged to reorganise the data as required.

Reactome ID Pathway name PW F DS F F Cov Accessory Gland (M) Brain (F) Brain (L) Brain (M) Carcass (F) Carcass (L) Carcass (M) Crop (F) Crop (M) Eye (F) Eye (M) Fat Body (F) Fat Body (L) Fat Body (M) Head (F) Head (M) Heart (F) Heart (M) Hemolymph (F) Hemolymph (L) Hemolymph (M) Hindgut (F) Hindgut (L) Hindgut (M) MSpermatheca (F) Midgut (F) Midgut (L) Midgut (M) Muscle (F) Muscle (M) Ovaries (F) Rectal Pad (F) Rectal Pad (M) Salivary Gland (F) Salivary Gland (L) Salivary Gland (M) Testes (M) Trachea (L) Tubules (F) Tubules (L) Tubules (M) VNC (F) VNC (M) VSpermatheca (F)

In this diagram the overrepresentation shown as ReactomeH highlights compounds (with associated peaks) that are found in FlyMet

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