Compare the the metabolite peaks found in Drosophila tissues.

The log2 fold-change (FC) in peak intesity levels between Drosophila tissues and the whole flies

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Peak ID m/z RT Brain (F) Brain (L) Brain (M) Carcass (F) Carcass (L) Carcass (M) Eye (F) Eye (M) Fat Body (F) Fat Body (L) Fat Body (M) Head (F) Head (M) Hemolymph (F) Hemolymph (L) Hemolymph (M) Hindgut (L) Midgut (F) Midgut (L) Midgut (M) Ovaries (F) Salivary Gland (L) Testes (M) Trachea (L) Tubules (F) Tubules (L) Tubules (M)
Peak Annotations

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Peak Annotations

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